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Store Your Silver Right! Here's how :)

The mood of the day calls for some silver, but your favourite jewellery seems to have faced the wrath of tarnish! Should you be visiting a professional or can you clean it yourself? Would it require purchasing heavy chemicals or going through complex processes? Well, worry not. We’ve got you covered! Scroll below and you’ll find some simple tips on cleaning and storing your silver, without burning your wallet.

Cleaning Silver

Keeping your silver clean has versatile options, despite the ingredients sitting right in your kitchen:

  1. Take 1/4 cup of baking soda in 2 tablespoons of water to make a thick paste. Apply gently on your silver. Rub, rinse, and pat dry with a cloth.
  2. Next time you purchase a new pair of shoes, save the sachets of silica gel placed inside the packaging. They pull the moisture from the environment and help keep your silver dry. Replace ever so often. A stick of chalk plays a similar trick.
  3. Wrap a bowl with aluminium foil. Fill it with hot water and a tablespoon of salt. Ensure your silver jewellery drowns completely inside the water. Let sit for a couple of minutes. Rinse, wipe and pat dry. This method may require more than one attempt, but it sure works like a charm!
  4. Bring in a silver cleaning cloth, if you must. They do a fantastic job in gently cleaning out the tarnish from your beloved jewellery. Silver cleaning cloths are usually impregnated with anti-tarnish compounds to stop the silver from oxidising. Simply rub the cloth on your silver, back and forth, to re polish the metal.
  5. For pieces bejewelled with stones, simply use a baby toothbrush and gently brush it under lukewarm water. Never use a hard brush to clean any of your jewellery. It will damage your much-loved jewellery.
  6. However, if you ask us, our most favourite and cherished trick for keeping your silver jewellery clean is to wear them! Our pieces shine the best when worn and loved regularly.

Storing Silver

Excessive exposure to air and moisture are your silver’s worst villains. It is essential that your silver is stored in an absolutely dry place. We recommend placing them in a tarnish-proof cloth or a jewellery storage box. Usually, storage boxes are lined with tarnish-proof fabric and have a separate spot for each piece. If the climate in your city is humid, you could additionally place a small packet of silica gel in your storage space, whether it is a closed box or a fabric pouch. Keep rubber as far away from any silver you own. Rubber actively tarnishes and corrodes silver. Consider your silver jewellery to be the final touch to any look. Putting it on after make-up, cosmetics and perfumes can save delicate pieces from damage.

Everyday Care

New or old, silver will tarnish when exposed to humidity, perspiration, salty air, chlorine, sulphur, cosmetics, household bleach or any other strong chemicals. Worry not. This is easily avoidable. Storing your pieces in a safe, dry place when engaging in these activities:

  • Household chores
  • Bathing in pools, hot tubs, hot springs, and the seas; in short, any water body not meant for cleaning your silvers.
  • Applying lotion, hair products, natural or artificial fragrances and other cosmetics
  • Preparing meals.
  • Exercising or contact sports


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