When art meets culture & culture meets art

We have a cardinal purpose and intention here, at Silverline, in promoting the arts and traditions of our diverse and beautiful cultural heritage, all through our jewellery and the environment that surrounds us. With a deep sense of raising awareness for the youth of our vast country, it is our endeavor to not allow it to be lost in this changing world of a digital era. And hence an attempt to promote the different arts and its artisans, Silverline in now striving towards nurturing cultural values and diverse forms of art like painting, sculpting, dance, music and much more.

Karuna Ezra Parekh
poet & print journalist

This collaboration for a photoshoot and our website video, showcasing the breath-taking location of Narendra Bhavan Bikaner as the backdrop and the beautiful Karuna Ezra Parekh, adorning Silverline jewellery and emanating true elegance.

The poem ‘The princess, the warrior and the gypsy’, composed by Karuna herself, can be heard in the background that attributes to every strong and independent woman of today.

Devashi Sehgal
singer & song writer

Deveshi Sahgal, a trained Hindustani classical singer who later found her passion in singing Sufiana qualms is among the very few her age to have carved a niche for herself in the field of sufi music. We capture the song “Mooh apna tune joh dikhaya mujhe” sung by Deveshi in her mesmerizing voice, which truly creates an experience that is transcendent. The sole purpose of collaborating with Deveshi for our one-of a-kind silver jewellery was to urge people to be who they are and stand up for what they believe in. We at Silverline salute her indomitable spirit and passion that she holds for her craft.